Frosty Peaks Frozen Treats serves all the best treats, all in one place.

At FPFT we have everyone’s favorites! We have frozen yogurt, churned custard, custard cookie sandwiches, chocolate dipped strawberries, and freshly made waffle cones and puffle cones (A.K.A. Bubble Waffles!)

Our HQ and test kitchen is located in Santa Monica, California, where the frosty magic happens & now we want to bring it to you! 

We prioritize using the best quality yogurt and custard to create all of our frozen treats and have partnered with AussieBlends Frozen Yogurt and Meadowvale Custard. We choose to use name brand cookies and candy for our toppings and Ghirardelli chocolate for sauce drizzles. Our strawberries are dipped in premier Callebaut Belgian chocolate for a velvety smooth mouth-feel when you bite into each berry. Using these premium brands has allowed us to have fun crafting flavors and selecting toppings that take our treats to the next level. 

Since our concepts creation and addition to Demand Brands Group in 2020, we have been impatiently waiting to bring our frozen yogurt & custard treats to you! We opened our first store in  Austin, TX in April 2022 and are eager to open our flagship store in Ridgecrest, CA in 2023!

Interested in franchising opportunities?

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