National Forest Foundation

Our concept is inspired by the great frosty mountains and the forests that surround them. We have joined a partnership with the National Forest Foundation to be a part of helping to ensure these lands continue to provide their countless natural benefits to everyone for generations to come.


The NFF plants one tree for every dollar donated. Your donations help provide seedlings that are then planted by the USDA Forest Service. For every dollar donated, the Forest Service invests $2 in these important projects by sourcing seeds, identifying the areas in most need of tree planting, contracting the labor, and providing follow-up care to ensure the seedlings survive.

Forests are Awesome

Our National Forests provide...

More than 9,000 miles of scenic byways to drive, almost 150,000 miles of trails to hike, more than 4,400 miles of wild and scenic rivers to float, at least 5,100 campgrounds in which to pitch our tents, and 328 natural pools to swim in.

Natural Resources

National forests are the foundation of America’s outdoor recreation heritage and sustain our way of life. They clean our air, store carbon, and provide timber, minerals, oil and gas and other resources for industry and communities.

Water for Everyone

More than 3,000 communities, serving millions of Americans, get their drinking water from watersheds contained within National Forests and Grasslands. From major cities like Atlanta, Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles to small towns that border forest boundaries, the role our National Forests play in providing water is paramount to community health and prosperity.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Our National Forests sequester 15% of the country's CO2 emissions each year. Over the lifetime of the trees planted, they can help reduce the equivalent of the CO2 emissions released from approximately 441,000 homes’ energy use for one year.

Join us in being a part of the solution.

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